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Slovakia – National Dishes and Favorite Foods

Some Slovak cuisine is well known in certain regions of the world where Slovaks have settled. It is not anywhere near as world famous and popular as French or Italian, but it has the power to warm the hearts of travelers. Many Slovakian foods were originated by the traditional lifestyle in the villages. Meals were prepared by the ingredients they got from local trade at the country markets. That’s why the style varies from region to region. A few staple foods in Slovakia are potatoes, dairy products like milk, cheese and butter, and pork. Here are some of the national dishes, and favorite foods of Slovakia.


Bryndzové Halušky you have to try this national favorite! It's made with dumplings, sheeps cheese, sausage, and chopped bacon.

Bryndzové Halušky – “Best thing Slovaks invented” as the locals say. Halušky, especially Bryndzové Halušky, is one of the most popular national dishes of Slovakia. This hearty meal is made of potato dough noodles or dumplings (halušky) with sheep cheese (bryndza) cooked bacon sprinkled on top, and some versions have sausage. Easily speaking, halušky is similar as Italian gnocchi. It is also eaten in Moravia.








Vyprážaný syr "fried cheese" popular with travellers, locals, and vegetarians.

Vyprážaný syr – Literally means ‘fried cheese’, it’s  a Czech dish whose popularity spread to Slovakia. A slice of Edam or Gouda cheese is breaded and fried and usually served with potato fries, vegetable and tartar sauce. It is the most popular dish among students and many budget restaurants serve this dish. It’s also suitable for vegetarians.











Cesnačka Garlic Soup - If you like garlic you'll love the two versions of Cesnačka Garlic Soup

Cesnačka Garlic Soup – Soup is a common way to start a meal in Slovakia and garlic soup is a favorite.  It’s also said to cure hangovers so it is very popular choice after a night of drinking. Cesnačka, one of the local favorites, is a garlic soup that is commonly eaten in the mountain region in northern Slovakia. There are two popular ways to prepare and serve garlic soup. One is similar to French onion soup, prepared with chicken broth, cooked with garlic and enriched with melted cheese and toasted bread pieces. Potatoes or small pieces of smoked meat are sometimes added.  And the other version is creamy version that comes in a small bread loaf. It is a good choice for people who really enjoy garlic.










Kolache - Eat like a local and try one of these delicious treats!

Koláče is a popular dessert or snack that originated in the Czech Republic and is now an integral part of Slovak cuisine. It is a type of pastry that holds various fruits toppings on its’ cheese filled puffy dough. In addition to sweet choices, there are savory options such as nuts. or chicken. Fresh baked koláče are best to get in the morning at the local markets, but they can be found all over the country.  Prague, and several small cities in America have annual Kolache Festivals.







Juno Kim in Slovakia with a plate of Bryndzové Halušky.

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