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Rocky Fino Offers Food and Cocktails for Sex

That’s a headline that gets a lot of attention and that is just the way Rocky Fino likes it. In fact, he’s named his books accordingly. Will Cook for Sex and Will Mix for Sex are his guides to getting to a woman’s heart through her stomach – and her cocktail glass.

Rocky Fino grew up in Arcadia, California, in a family that loved to cook as much as they did eat. He and his father spent hours making gourmet meals and the skill stayed with him. Fino went on to achieve a B.A. in Radio, TV and Film at Temple University and then an MBA at California State University. He combined his love for cooking with laughter to work as a commentator and chef at festivals, seminars and expos around the United States.

While food was always important to Rocky Fino, it was the meal not the location that mattered, “My most memorable meals have come from people’s kitchens, not restaurants. Especially when traveling, the opportunity to shop at a marketplace that you have never experienced before, gather at a residence with others and cook together makes the meal. To me, taste is only a small part of a great meal. Food is the conduit that brings people together.”

Will Cook for Sex-A Guy’s Guide to Cooking was a natural progression to Fino’s life. The book breaks down cooking for the woman in your life, whether it’s for a first date or a first Thanksgiving. He helps you prepare your kitchen with the basic equipment and ingredients you need to always have on hand before you start cooking. Each recipe is complete with details (in photos and lists) of the ingredients and step by step instructions on how to prepare the dish.

What keeps the reader engaged in Will Cook for Sex is the ability of Rocky Fino to offer his preparation details simple enough for the non-cook without being patronizing. He’s also managed to present ideas that sound and look gourmet, but aren’t that difficult to make. Dishes like “Kingfish Benedict,” “Sensual Eggs” and “Greyhound Pecan Salade” look impressive, yet don’t keep you in the kitchen all day.

Fino also offers up ideas to impress a crowd in his section on food for tailgating, where “Fourth & Goal Short Ribs” look to be crowd pleasers. Will Cook for Sex covers all the basics through chapters that explain it all: “The Date”; “The Morning After”; “The Weekend Pass”; “Her Bunco Night Potluck”; “The Holidays”; and “Dinner Her Place.”

As for where in the world Fino has his best restaurant meals, he is quick to answer, “I don’t think that you can beat Italy for the best travel food experience. The backdrop alone makes your mouth water, and while walking the streets of Rome, one would have to search hard for a bad meal. All of the small family cafes all delicious.”

Will Mix for Sex: Twenty-One Classic Cocktails to Set the Mood is Rocky Fino’s pocket-sized guide to the best drinks for each lady. He uses the same humor as his cookbook to help guide you through making the cocktails for “The Sweet Girl,” “The Tart Girl,” “The Classy Girl,” “The Sunny Girl” and “The Guy’s Girl.” Fino once again demonstrates his point with some great recipes for everything from a Lemon Drop to his take on an Irish Coffee.

While Fino offers up drink recipes for his buddies to make, he doesn’t need them himself, “Water gets me in the mood. But I’m easy. The goal is to set the mood for her, which is a little more challenging. In my experience, I find that alcohol usually helps. What drink depends on the girl. Everyone has different tastes. As guys we need to listen and learn about our significant other and provide what she likes.”

There is one drink, though, that Rocky Fino has remembered for a long time, “Back in the 90’s, the Society Hill Inn in Philadelphia made margaritas from scratch using a basket of citrus fruit that they juiced per order sans the bottled pre-mix. Good ingredients make the meal just like they make the drink. That was far and away the best margarita ever.”

Despite his love for a good cocktail, a move to the heart of California’s Wine Country has given Fino more thought to putting wine together with his meals, “Wine pairs differently with every dish depending on varietal and vintage. That variety is what makes every wine experience unique.”

He also loves discovering wines while he travels around the country, “I discover new wines everywhere I go. Every state in the union has entered the wine market and many are establishing wine regions (ala Napa) that are great getaways for couples. The sea of wine on the market is endless. We just relocated to Northern California so I am knee deep in wine. To be specific, I have recently been introduced to Ty Caton’s wines out of Kenwood, CA. Absolutely spectacular.”

Rocky Fino doesn’t have to worry personally about getting the girl these days. He is married and has two kids at home. He still keeps his cooking skills polished for his wife, “The common misconception of Will Cook for Sex,” says Fino, “is that it is a young single man’s world. That couldn’t be further from the reality. It is the older married man that needs to provide the chivalry (in my case cooking) to create the mood and provide the spark.”

It looks like the stove will always be hot in the Fino household.

“Will Cook for Sex-A Guy’s Guide to Cooking” and “Will Mix for Sex: Twenty-One Classic Cocktails to Set the Mood” are products of Stephens Press and are available on

By Marcia Frost