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• Eggs and bacon
• Cereal with milk
• Pancakes/waffles w/ maple syrup
• Toast, bagels, muffins,doughnuts
• Chicken wings with hot sauce - Buffalo
• Clam Chowder – New England, Manhattan
• Grilled Meats - Hamburgers, Steaks, Chicken, Hot Dogs
• Barbecue/BBQ – Kansas City, Memphis, North Carolina, Texas
• Deli Meat sandwiches - New York, Philadelphia (Philly Cheesesteak)
• Pizza / Pasta – New York, Chicago (Deep Dish)
• Fast Food/Junk Food
• French fries/potato chips
• Salads with lettuce and vegetables
• Potato / pasta salad
• Cajun/Creole – New Orleans
• Lobster – Maine
• Fish/shellfish
• Vegetarian
• Apple pie


• Coffee, juice
• Soda – Cola
• Bottled water
• Beer – Boston (Samuel Adams), Portland,Oregon (microbrews), Milwaukee
• Wine – California
• Whiskey - Tennessee

American Food

Cuisine in the United States is as diverse as the country itself, and while it may be difficult to pinpoint one particular national dish, it is fair to say that barbecue and all things grilled or smoked are definitely at the top of the list, along of course, with the ubiquitous hamburger. Americans like to drink their beer and celebrate summer with burgers on the barbecue, but fast food and street food are also making their mark on the country and taking their place as a new kind of regional dish.

Some may argue that fast food restaurants are endemic in the United States, but a new trend is emerging. Street food, especially that from food trucks, is becoming more and more popular among the average foodie, and some cities even have festivals celebrating this new kind of cuisine. Boston just had its’ first Food Truck Festival which was so poular many trucks ran out of food within hours. Portland, Oregon leads the country in the food truck category, and even has a designated area where the trucks congregate. There isn’t a foodie city left in the country that doesn’t have its own small army of gourmet food trucks delivering everything from ethnic specialties to gourmet treats. From coast to coast these food trucks are making their mark as the newest and greatest in the evolution of modern American cuisine.

As people are lured from the myriad fast food and chain restaurants to more home grown, grass roots type food establishments (mobile or otherwise), there is also a resurging popularity among boutique food shops such as delicatessens, artisan cheese shops, bakeries, chocolate and candy shops and more. Larger stores such as Whole Foods Market, which is the world’s leader in natural and organic foods are also becoming more popular. What was once the nation of one stop shoppers is now paying more attention to local produce and ingredients as well as to quality and detail over mass production and quantity. Sure, some Americans still pay silent homage to the golden arches of McDonald’s, and obesity is a major concern, but the new trend among Americans is to slow their food down, to pay attention to how and where it was grown and to celebrate local ingredients. Take a look below at some of America’s most popular foods, and regional dishes, and let us know about some of the local favorite’s in your area. Do you know of a local diner, or small restaurant that creates some good ole American comfort food?


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Articles From The USA

Original Chicken Wings from the creators - Anchor Bar

It wasn’t all that long ago that the humble chicken wing was considered undesirable and even discarded. With little meat, plenty of fatty skin and few redeeming qualities, chicken wings were rarely ever consumed. That is, until a Friday night in 1964, in a humble restaurant and bar in Buffalo called the Anchor Bar, when […]


An amazing Lobster Benedict

Are you a locavore?  A locavore is a person interested in eating food that is locally produced, not moved long distances to market.  We appreciate any business, large or small that is part of the locavore movement.  It is always best to “eat local” when you travel, and this tiny B&B in Cape Cod, Massachusetts is […]


Caesar salad, watermelon and feta cheese, caprese salad

Caesars Palace  in Las Vegas is the home to the $17-million, 25,000-square-foot Bacchanal Buffet.  Offering more than 300 dishes for dinner and around 500 dishes total during the day from nine show kitchens, the Bacchanal’s  selection is very impressive and like a Roman feast. It is probably the best buffet in Las Vegas and its not cheap, but well […]


McSorley's Old Ale House 15 East 7th Street New York

  Roger our C.I.O. (Chief Imbibing Officer) went to New York City to drink up some history in New York City’s oldest continuously operated saloon.  The place is named McSorley’s Old Ale House and it’s located at 15 East 7th Street in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan it has been open since 1854. The place is covered with old memorabilia which has not been removed from […]


Chef Robert Irvine

Food Network star Robert Irvine has led us through cooking with minimal ingredients on Dinner: Impossible; teaching kitchen skills on Worst Cooks in America; and revitalizing eateries on Restaurant: Impossible. It’s all in a day’s work for a man who has shown his culinary skills around the world in resorts, catering halls, and even on […]


Divya Gugnani Sexy Women Eat

When it comes to women who have reinvented their careers, Divya Gugnani takes the top prize. The New Yorker went from one highly successful career to another without missing a beat. And that’s just the way she likes things. Divya Gugnani grew up on Long Island with parents who were natives of India. She studied […]



Like so many others in publishing, the world of Michael Green took a dramatic change in the last few years. The closing of  Gourmet Magazine, for which he was the wine and spirits consultant for nearly two decades, forced Green to make some career changes. For Michael Green, it all started working in his father’s […]


Rocky Fino Will Mix For Sex

That’s a headline that gets a lot of attention and that is just the way Rocky Fino likes it. In fact, he’s named his books accordingly. Will Cook for Sex and Will Mix for Sex are his guides to getting to a woman’s heart through her stomach – and her cocktail glass. Rocky Fino grew […]


Chicago Pizza family

Chicago deep-dish pizza is a gorgeous layered affair, almost a cross between lasagna and a pie


Katz's Deli - Pastrami Sandwich on rye with mustard

As the C.E.O. (Chief Eating Officer) of I was in New York City to attend Travel + Leisure magazine’s 40th Anniversary and their Global Bazaar.  I was also there to eat (that’s my job) it was a great event, even though there wasn’t much to eat by the time I arrived.  I did manage to drink […]


Philly Cheesesteak

Philadelphia cheesesteaks are known as Philly cheesesteaks and they are the invention of Pat and Harry Olivieri, who in the early 1930s began serving chopped steak on a soft hoagie roll from their hot dog stand in south Philadelphia. They were nearly an overnight success and so popular that Pat Olivieri opened Pat’s King of […]


Maine Lobster Roll with drawn butter, from Red's Eats Wiscasset, Maine

Found almost exclusively in North Eastern states in addition to the Canadian Maritimes, the lobster roll has humble beginnings as a roadside food offered by local purveyors from their food stands. Dating back to about 1970, this simple sandwich is now considered to be among the best eats found on the Northeastern Seaboard.  It is […]


Jonathan Eismann

Jonathan Eismann is certainly not new to the restaurant business. The chef, who is a James Beard Best Chef Nominee, has brought us everything from Pan-Asian at Pacific Time to Q ,Miami Barbecue. His latest idea, however, was leaving a lot of people wondering if he was thinking too far outside the box. Spartico may […]


Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken, Mason, Tennessee

  In a tiny little town east of Memphis, not 10 yards off the main drag, sits a roadside shack with a broken-down sign and a packed parking lot. After almost 60 years in business, Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken is more of a tradition than a location, more an identity than a restaurant. The […]



Regional foods of New England – seafood soups, chowders, and bisque all made with local wild caught and harvested seafood.Learn what to look for when seeking out these regional food specialties.



Mention the state of Idaho, and a foodie’s thoughts might automatically flash to Russet potatoes–after all, the potato is even touted on the state’s license plate.  But Idaho, positioned as it is in the Intermountain West region, offers more than volcanic soils and high mountain desert climate.  Idaho’s cold, clear waterways are prime habitat for […]


Eat healthy, straight from the farm!

In the United States, people are choosing to reclaim responsibility for the food they put in their bodies. After years of relying on the ease and convenience of processed modern foods, the American public is increasingly concerned with the health risks of these “foodlike substances,” so called by best selling food author Michael Pollan. In […]



Here at Oak Hill Farms, we live on a landscape that has been in my husband’s family for nearly 180 years. Our two-year-old daughter is the seventh generation to live in our farmhouse, built in 1832. She makes the rounds with us each morning, checking the animals and the garden, learning about the processes of […]


Cincinnati Chili 3 Way, from Gold Star Chili - a local favorite

Cincinnati, Ohio has become synonymous with chili, and it has more chili parlors than any other city in the world.  But why is this Midwestern town so famous for it chili and what makes it so good? History of Cincinnati Chili Cincinnati chili originated in the “Queen City” in the early 20th century, created by several […]


Wisconsin potato lefse, rolled-up with butter and brown sugar.

by Leigh P. Every day at about 3:00 pm, American school children run from the bus straight to the kitchen for a snack. They often grab cold pizza, a sandwich, cookies, chips, or maybe an apple, or some pudding. In Wisconsin, they might reach for the lefse. Lefse is a Norwegian flat bread that looks much […]


Pouring the warm syrup over the "snow"

Making Sugar on Snow has been a Vermont Maple syrup harvest-time tradition for generations.  Before enjoying this treat somebody must harvest the maple sap and boil it down into pure maple syrup.  Maple sugaring as it is called, occurs every spring when there is a freeze at night and a thaw in the daytime.  Each maple tree gets […]


American hamburger

Does America Have a National Dish? by Jessica M If you live in America, you don’t need to be told that whenever possible, Americans will figure out a way to introduce food into a celebration. And, depending on the occasion and where it is being held, certain foods just seem to “fit” certain occasions. However, […]