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Explore Canada


• Poutine - Quebec (fries/fried potatoes topped with cheese curds and gravy)

• Maple syrup – Maple leaf is on the Canadian fllag

• Back bacon/peameal bacon – lean pork, some rolled in peameal

• Cod tongues

• Yellow pea soup – Newfoundland, Quebec

• Smoked meat sandwiches - Montreal

• Cipaille – Quebec ( spiced meat and potao pie)

• Butter tart - little pies with nuts, chocolate, or raisens


• Coffee/tea
• Beer
• Whiskey

Canada – Food and Drink

by Jenn Allen

Canada is a country that is diverse in many ways, including ethnic and local foods that are available from coast to coast. In spite of embracing multiculturalism, Canadians have retained their cultural independence through food, and this is evident as you travel across the country.

Influenced by the area’s Acadian roots, the Maritimes are famous for boiled dinner (a Sunday night dinner prepared by boiling tough cuts of meat with salt pork and vegetables), lobster, and cod tongue.

Poutine is arguably Canada’s national dish, but Quebec is also well known for freshly baked breads, and Montreal smoked meat, as well as tourtiere, which is a French-Canadian meat pie.

Ontario is renowned for the Niagara wine producing region, peameal bacon (Canadian bacon), and cheddar and goat cheeses. The Holland Marsh area slightly north of Toronto is famous for growing outstanding produce.

The prairies and mid-west are known for growing wild rice, wheat and beef production, but there are also large pockets of people of Czechoslovakian decent who celebrate their heritage with kolaches, potato pancakes and roast pork with sauerkraut.

The west coast is another wine growing region, but the cuisine of the area has been heavily influenced by Asian foods. Lamb, salmon and other seafood are specialties of this area.

Canadians love their food and drink. The best spots for foodies are in Vancouver with its Granville Island Market, Toronto for the sheer number of restaurants and specialty food stores in addition to the St. Lawrence Market and Montreal which is home to numerous outdoor markets and outstanding restaurants. Globally recognized wines are a popular beverage as coffee which is readily available at myriad coffee shops.

No matter where you travel in Canada, you’ll find fabulous restaurants, stunning locally grown produce, artisan breads, cheeses and regional dishes.

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