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National Drinks Of Mexico

National Drinks Of Mexico

When visiting Mexico make sure you try some of their National drinks.

Atole is a traditional masa (cornmeal) based drink served hot or at room temperature it contains a cinnamon stick infused water reduction or milk, unrefined cane sugar, and vanilla bean. Atole is a popular street food/drink, sold by many small food vendors, it is the traditional drink of Day of the Dead, usually served with tamales, it is also popular for breakfast or after dinner. Fruit is sometimes added, and the texture can be thick or thin with a grain like consistency. A  chocolate version called champurrado is one of the most popular versions, and is known as Mexican hot chocolate. Champurrado is especially popular around Christmas.

Tequila is a spirit made with blue agave and made primarily in the region around Tequila or Jalisco. The word tequila can’t be used by manufactures in other countries, so it is definitly a national drink of Mexico. It was made popular by its use in the drink margarita served in a salt rimmed glass with lime. Some of the most popular brands are Patron and Jose Cuervo. Premium tequilas like Patron has become very popular in recent years. If your in the area you should go on a tequila distillery tour, or atleast sample different tequilas and have a margarita.

What is your favorite Mexican drink, or favorite place to have a Mexican drink?