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Meet The Corn Flake Traveler

Mick, or “The Corn Flake Traveler”  as we like to call him here at, has already completed 19% of his mission. He has eaten corn flakes in 52 of 263 territories, and he has some great photos of him, and his corn flakes. We had to ask Mick a few questions.

You’ve eaten corn flakes in 52 countries, what countries are you considering next? I am currently saving up the cash to travel from Russia into Mongolia on the Trans-siberian railway and move into China and then cross the Himalayas into Nepal and India taking about a year – year and a half

I know this next question may sound corny, and you’ll think I’m a flake for asking, but…….got milk? or do you eat them dry? – No I always eat them with Milk and this is the ingredient that has the most effect on how much I enjoy the bowl, cheap flakes are edible but nasty milk can make you wanna Vom

Other than the corn flakes, what is the most fascinating food you have eaten during your travels?
-  Oh well, lot of stuff which I was unable to identify but I know I have eaten guinea pig, many insects (crickets and beetles of varying sizes), I ate most of the organs from various animals including the very chewy Ox testicle in Cambodia (Foto)

What were some of your favorite drinks that you had while you were traveling? – Beer, and some fruit drinks but mainly beer, and the wine in Argentina, so cheap and so nice.

Can you tell us about the tattoo on your leg. Well the tattoo was concocted in my head whilst I was intoxicated during my travels in Colombia, I wanted something that would demonstrate my desire to see the world and eat flakes

What country was your favorite place to eat corn flakes?
Favourite place to eat my flakes, its usually the location I am in rather than the flakes themselves so for that reason I think my fav place would be Mauritania, the Saharan scenery was simply breath-taking

If you can’t have your corn flakes, do you suffer from withdrawal symptons, like the dreaded Corn Flake Shakes? – To be honest not really, I love food so as long as I can chew on something I’m happy and with such variety from so many different countries I would be foolish to complain.

That is an impressive list of countries that Mick has visited, we’ll keep you updated on each new country that The Corn Flake Traveler explores.

Let us know if you know of any travelers on a food mission, and we’ll share their unique story. Mick, keep on crunching!

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