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Amsterdam – 3 Places for a real Dutch Drink

Visit  one of these 3 places to drink (or take) some great Dutch beers, or sample some traditional Dutch gin (jenever) in a 360 year-old “tasting house”.
At the Biercafe ‘t Arendsnest (The Eagle’s Nest) they only sell Dutch beers and they have 30 beers on tap and over 100 bottled beers.  They are located on a canal at Herengracht 90.  It is a friendly place to sample some excellent Dutch beers (see photos) after a walk along the canal.  If you want to browse over an extensive selection of  beers and wine, and take a few back to your room (or drink one on a bench beside the canal) then walk over to Cracked Kettle (Gekraakte Ketel) located at Raamsteeg 3 (just off Spuistraat).  They have over 1200 beers from all over the world (but you’re in the Netherlands, so get the Dutch beers) and they also have Dutch jenever, fine wine, and cheese.   The building has 3 floors with original wooden beams and is 400 years old.
For an authentic Dutch drinking experience you have to try some traditional “jenever” (Dutch gin) at De Drie Fleschjes an original “tasting house” from 1650.  It is located at Gravenstraat 18, just minutes walking distance from Dam Square.  When you drink jenever you have to leave the glass on the table for your first sip, before you lift it.  There are two types of jenever: “Jonge” (Young) which is made the new way, with more grain instead of malt, and “Oud” (Old) which is the old-style jenever, and considered to be better-quality and is usually served at room temperature, instead of chilled like the “Jonge” jenever.  If you drink a beer to chase down your jenever it is called a kopstoot (headbutt). Check out my pictures, there is evidence there that I did a “kopstoot”.  If you have a few drinks remember not to step in front of all those bicycles.

Menu of Dutch beers "OP TAP" (ON DRAFT) at Biercafe 't Arendsnest

Inside De Drie Fleschjes, a traditional jenever "tasting house" from 1650.

Have a "kopstoot" (headbutt) chase your jenever with a Dutch draft beer!

Great selection of Dutch beers at the Cracked Kettle (Gekraakte Ketel). Take a few craft beers to enjoy later, and don't forget to see all 3 floors in this 400 year-old building.

Two great Dutch craft beers purchased from Cracked Kettle (Gekraakte Ketel)

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  1. Steve /

    I’ve been to Cracked Kettle, great selection!!

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