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5 Singapore Hawker Food Court Foods You Must Try

Hawker food courts are extremely popular in Singapore among the locals and the tourists. They are essentially food courts, but on a much bigger scale. Some of the Hawker centers have over 100 vendors that offer all types of different foods, all at a competitive price. No matter what kind of food you like, you will be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for at one of the stalls and you can also find all types of dessert options. Lets take a look at some of the best dessert options you will have when eating at a Hawker food court.



Kueh Dadar – This delicious dessert is great for anyone who loves the taste of coconut. It is basically a pancake wrapped up and filled with coconut filling. They are quite small and are usually sold in groups of 3, unless the chef adjusts them and makes them bigger, then they usually sell 1 at a time. The prices are quite cheap for these, especially because hawker food court prices are very competitive and very affordable for everyone. All stalls within the food court are prices differently, but you can expect to pay about 30 cents to 1 dollar for an order of Kueh Dadar.

Kuih Pisang – Extremely sweet banana cakes is essentially what you will be eating when you order this dish. There are different ways chefs like to prepare this dish. Some insist on frying the whole cake to increase the flavor while others enjoy to steam the bananas and then wrap the rest of the ingredients around the cake. These a very popular and you will be able to find some very extremely cheap, as low as 10 cents per cake. If you want to experience the best quality of Kuih Pisang, you should instead try some of the more reputable stall and pay around 30-50 cents per cake. The more expensive they are, usually means the chef has put more ingredients and time into the cake, making it much higher quality.


Kueh Lapis – Another very popular dessert option which is also a traditional dish to Singapore. Over the years many chefs have adjusted the recipe and made the cake different, but as a traditional dish, it is a layered sweet cake made from butter, milk, eggs, milk, flour, baking powder, and lapis spices. You will find some Kueh Lapis cakes with over 25 layers in them, making them extremely sweet and delicious. You will find these relatively cheap in Hawker food courts for about 30 cents each.


Chwee Kueh – This is a dish that can be eaten as a dessert or breakfast. The dish consists of multiple steamed cakes of rice that are topped with radish preservatives and can have chili sauce added if you like to have an extra kick of spice. Although this dish might not sound or look appealing, it is very delicious and has become very popular. You will be able to find it at almost any Hawker food court being served all day long. A dish is usually about 80 cents to a dollar, but you can sometimes find individual cakes being sold for 30 cents each.


Onde-Onde – This is one of the oldest recipes that was originated from Malaysia, but is very popular in Singapore. They are pastry balls that are filled with palm sugar and wrapped with pine leaf and then rolled in fresh grated coconut. If made correctly, the sugar should actually explode in your mouth when you take a bite. These are very sweet and can be found for about 10 cents each at most Hawker food courts.

Every Hawker food court is going to offer many different options of dishes as well as desserts, so it’s best to keep an open mind and try as much as you can to find exactly what you like. With hundreds of vendors, you are sure to find some new favorites you will never forget. A great tip for the Hawker food courts is that some vendors will specialize in a certain dish or certain desserts. They have most likely been making that particular dish their entire life, so they can provide some of the best quality food for the cheap Hawker price. After you have visited one of these food courts, you will soon learn how to navigate and tell which vendors are better than others.
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